Circle of Life Alzheimer's Homes is an organization whose sole focus is to uphold the dignity and respect of those afflicted with dementia. The goal is achieved by combining the contributions of all involved:


  • Residents

  • Family members, and

  • Caregiving staff.

We have approached caregiving with that focus, from the  time of our founding.

In 2009, Sue Wielechowski started her first residential home in New Jersey when caring for her aunt Dorothy.


Following an accidental fall which required physical therapy and rehabilitation, Dorothy was "temporarily' placed into a nursing home to oversee her recovery. Over the course of a few weeks, a temporary stay ultimately became a permanent stay.


Every week Sue would visit Dorothy for dinner and they would discuss the type of care she was receiving.  Time after time Dorothy pleaded only for the independence she once had and the comfort of her own home. Thus began Sue’s journey into private residential care.

Dorothy (front), Susan Wielechowski’s Aunt, and Sis(rear) were the inspiration and two of the original residents of Circle of Life.

Due to a lack of curated care options in southern New Jersey for those with Alzheimer’s and various forms of dementia (which Dorothy herself had begun to develop in her old age), Sue turned her focus to those patients who she believed were not fairly represented in the home care community.  She opened her first home in November 2009 with three residents in tow from other facilities.

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