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The whole house revolves around them.

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We follow recommendations of the American Alzheimer's Society, significantly supplemented with our own research and personal experiences.



We serve three daily home cooked meals and three daily snacks that are delicious and meet the specific dietary needs of each of our residents.

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Circle of life fully recognizes the importance of the resident's need for maintaining strong relationships with friends and family.


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Circle of Life Alzheimer's Homes is an organization whose sole focus is to uphold the dignity and respect of those afflicted with dementia.


As we all know the COVID-19 Pandemic has changed our reality. Some more than others, but there is doubt that everybody has felt the effects of this pandemic. Some changes have been bigger than others, but for a lot of people, the lack of social interaction compared to “normal life” has been one of the most difficult changes.

You could be self-isolating because you caught the infection, trying to avoid the virus, quarantined because you were exposed to someone with the virus, are in the high-risk category, working from home, or any other reason, whatever the reason may be, you may...

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He's Making A List and Checking It Twice! One of our favorite days around our homes is when Santa comes to visit. The smiles from our residents leaves no doubt that this is a memorable day.


Ralph and Violet Fellows

Celebrating their 39th anniversary together living at Circle of Life.

Benefits of Musical Therapy For Dementia Care

Read more about the benefits of musical therapy and how it is making an impact in dementia care and offering hope to dementia patients and their families.

Learn About Musical Therapy


Meeting the unique needs of an individual AND their loved-ones.

Circle of Life Alzheimer's Homes is an organization whose sole focus is to uphold the dignity and respect of those afflicted with dementia. The goal is achieved by combining the contributions of all involved:

  • Residents
  • Family members, and
  • Caregiving staff.

We have approached caregiving with that focus, from the time of our founding. In 2009, Sue Wielechowski started her first residential home in New Jersey when caring for her aunt Dorothy.


Smaller Is Better

Why have smaller homes have fared better than the "big box" facilities during this pandemic?

With a higher caregiver to resident ratio, consistent staffing, our small home environment is able to safely monitor and track all visitors. Our daily visitation monitoring as well as disinfectant policies are manageable in a smaller setting. This reduces exposure while maintaining higher level of direct care by staff. Our residents have also fared better with less isolation and therefore less depression while keeping a communal setting.

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The only rule is safety

We don't make them come into our world, we go into theirs.

Private homes for patients with dementia or Alzheimer's in Arizona's High Country