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Caring for individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia requires a unique and specialized approach. With the decline of cognitive function and increasing memory loss, it is essential to provide person-directed care that focuses on maintaining the individual's dignity, independence, and quality of life.

Circle of Life Alzheimer's Homes is focused on providing dementia help to patients who are experiencing these conditions. Our mission is to provide personalized care within our memory care facilities while prioritizing person-directed care. Learn more about how this approach makes a difference and contact us about placing your aging loved one into one of our homes

First of All: What is Dementia?

Dementia: An umbrella term describing a spectrum of brain disorders. Alzheimer's is it's most common form.

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What is Person Direct Care?

Person-directed care, also known as person-centered care, is an approach in dementia care that emphasizes the individuality, dignity, and autonomy of each person with Alzheimer's or dementia. It shifts the focus from a one-size-fits-all model to one that recognizes and respects the unique needs, preferences, and life experiences of the individual.

Person-directed care in memory care facilities involves actively involving the person in their own care decisions, promoting their independence, and maintaining their sense of self. It aims to create a supportive, engaging, and compassionate environment that enhances the person's well-being and quality of life.


The Common Approach: Warehousing Your Loved Ones

After years of working with patients and running compassionate dementia care homes, Circle of Life is familiar with the traditional approach of treating patients needing Alzheimer's services. Unfortunately, a vicious cycle of sedation can be enforced on a patient until his or her passing.

Pushing Unproven, Potentially Dangerous Drugs

It’s not uncommon for certain medical facilities caring for dementia patients to be highly compensated by pharmaceutical companies by placing unsuspecting residents on clinical studies without their or their family's full knowledge or consent. This calls into question not only the level of care and safety these Alzheimer's service patients receive, but also the ethical nature of the facilities themselves.

Behavioral Treatment With More Drugs

Despite everyday advances in medical science, there aren't any drugs specifically approved by the FDA to treat behavioral and psychiatric dementia symptoms. However, some physicians regularly use treatments known as “off label,” a medical practice in which a drug is prescribed for a different purpose. This means certain caregivers are simply giving patients medications that may not be helpful and potentially even dangerous.

Treatments for Sleep Changes

Those who cannot sleep may feel compelled to wander or may be unable to lie still; it’s also common for patients to yell or call out, disrupting the sleep of their caregivers. But the solution other facilities turn to is to use more medications to calm patients down and prevent them from disturbing others.

But Circle of Life Alzheimer's Homes is not about taking the common approach; our multiple memory care facilities are all about embracing forward-thinking and compassionate care that goes beyond medication administration.

Need for Change is Obvious and Immediate

  • Warehousing is unacceptable.
  • Humane, proven and vastly improved approaches have been validated and are available now.
  • They provide a more effective, respectful, person-centered life -- residents are entitled to it!
  • As a loved-one -- reduce your own worry and stress by knowing circle of life is deeply and truly committed to caring for our residents as unique individuals.

The staff at our dementia care homes are deeply and truly committed to caring for our residents as unique individuals. Our primary goal is to eliminate this dangerous and unhelpful “warehousing” of patients and promote happy, healthy living in our assisted living Sedona facilities.

Learn more about why this approach is a problem down below!

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Approach To Care Is Changing

PLEASE Take Advantage of the Opportunity

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The Problem: Warehousing

Ever-present concerns:​​

  • Premature Loss of Mental Capacity

  • Physical Degradation

  • Malnutrition: Poorly Prepared Meals

  • Dehydration: Lack of Attention

  • Over Sedation

  • "Lock and Key" Syndrome

  • All Treatment Same: No Specialized, Individualized Care

  • Lack of Activity: Extreme Boredom

  • Abuse: Staff-to-Resident/ Resident-to-Resident

  • Lack of Transparency for Resident, Family and Close Friends

  • Intransigant Bureaucracratic Approach: Rules, Rules and More Rules

  • Benefits Accrue to Caregiving Organization: NOT Residents

  • Constant Changes in Ownership, Management and Staff: No Development of Long-term, Loving Relationships

Result of Warehousing:

  • Loss of Self
  • Potential of Early Passing
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The Solution: Person Direct Care

Inside the Circle of Life Approach:

Circle of Life in Arizona is here to challenge the concept of warehousing and provide Alzheimer's services that are better suited for the overall well-being of patients. Our approach to running memory care facilities and providing dementia help follows recommendations of the American Alzheimer's Society and is significantly supplemented with our own research and personal experiences.

Specifically, our approach:

  • Aims to see the person with dementia as an individual, rather than focusing on their illness or on abilities they may have lost

  • Considers the person as a whole instead of treating the person as a collection of symptoms and behaviors to be controlled

  • Takes into account each individual’s unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences, and needs

  • Is focused on providing the means and resources to treat our residents with dignity and respect

Our dementia care homes and small memory care facilities are the ideal settings for direct care. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you!

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Be Part of the Solution With Circle of Life in Arizona

Circle of Life Alzheimer's Homes is taking the first step in helping Alzheimer's patients and patients with other memory-related cognitive decline get the individualized care they deserve. Learn more about what living in our memory care facilities means for your loved one!

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